Transforming Hospital Operations

February 1, 2017

Our topic today is: Transforming Hospital Operations. Page Etzler, RN, Executive Advisor and Operational Consultant for podcast sponsor Care Logistics, will help us understand how the role of the hospital CNO can lead in Transformation, and what the modern CNO can do to engage associates within the organization leading to sustainable results.


The Shift: A New Role for Today’s Hospital CFO

September 7, 2016

Our topic today is: The Shift: A New Role for Today’s Hospital CFO. Samantha Platzke, CFO and SVP of Systems Performance for podcast sponsor Care Logistics, will help us understand how the role of the hospital CFO has evolved, and what the modern CFO can do to contribute to exceptional financial performance. Platzke, who served for many years as a hospital financial and operational executive leader, discusses several key topics:

  • Why the most important measures of financial performance for a hospital are actually the key measures of quality patient care and experience
  • How the role of the hospital CFO changed in the past 10-plus years
  • Why hospitals must focus on achieving Medicare breakeven to survive in a value-based world
Bonus: Samantha also shares her perspectives about Matthew McConaughey and Pocahontas. Listen or download now!

Leaning In or Out? Why Healthcare Should Stop Fearing and Start Loving Lean

August 30, 2016

Mark Graban literally wrote the book on Lean in Hospitals, He’s a consultant, an author and he publishes the popular website He's been fighting the good fight for many years to encourage healthcare providers to understand and adopt Lean discipline for superior patient care and hospital operations. In this podcast Mark helps us understand what the heck is Lean, and why hospitals, caregivers, and patients should care. 

You'll also hear Mark's take on skydiving and his favorite dessert. Also visit and check out the latest edition of his book Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement, just released this past June.

The Nerdy Nurse Explains How Toyota Holds the Key to Better Healthcare

July 25, 2016

Brittney Wilson, known to many as The Nerdy Nurse, is a nurse, a devoted technology advocate, an author, and highly influential social media personality. On her popular website, she recently explored the question “What Can Healthcare Learn from Toyota?” In this podcast, she shares more about how the lessons of Toyota's efficient production model can make life healthier and happier for patients and nurses alike. And stick around until the questions at the end--Wilson also explains how Pokemon GO is encouraging healthy lifestyles!


It Takes More Than a Lollipop: Helping Kids Get Through the Hospital Experience

July 24, 2016

The hospital experience can create anxiety and fear for adults. Imagine how unsettling it can be for children getting blood draws and IVs and all manner of tests and treatments. Kristin Kirby’s mission is to ease the fears of children in the hospital and comfort them through the procedures and treatments that will diagnose and heal them. As a child life specialist for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Kirby is definitely someone Who Cares passionately about making the healing process for children and their families as positive as possible.


A Showman. A Patient. An Advocate. A Cancer Survivor.

July 21, 2016

Tom Willner turned his patient journey into his muse. He wrote the successful musical “Turning Thirty” based on his experience as a cancer survivor—the show is even a continuing education credit for caregivers. Having spent 20 years working for the American Cancer Society, he found himself in a uniquely personal place to channel his experiences to help others. Tom devotes his time and passion to the battle, performing and speaking to raise funds and awareness to fight cancer. Tune in to this episode of the Who Cares? podcast to hear Tom’s remarkable story, his guidance for patients facing similar struggles, and his advice to doctors and caregivers seeking to truly provide compassionate healing.


Why Should Doctors Think Like Engineers?

June 23, 2016

Dr. Sanchayeeta Mitra is fascinated by systems. She’s not just a top surgeon, she’s also an engineer. She recognizes that breakdowns in care delivery are often caused by poor processes, and not the effort of the caregivers. She is also the physician editor for The Health Care Blog and she’s definitely someone Who Cares. In this podcast, she’ll share her unique perspectives about how we can improve care delivery and experience for patients and break through bottlenecks by thinking like engineers.